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Weary, weary weary.

Old place is empty and clean. New place is crowded with boxes, but there's so much more room here we can still move around. Yard is now holding garage things. (What was left in the garage, anyway.)

We have room for a couch, and coincidentally, at Ikea we finally found the perfect one that both Gene and I agree on. Now we just have to tuck money away for a few paydays so we can go buy it. Wow. Go buy, not go put on credit. I am still getting used to the freedom that the car theft gave us financially. We got rid of so many bills that we will never go get again...of course, we are paying that back over the next five years as we pay for the Escape....

We have space. I can do more than just turn around in the bedroom. We can have a comfy chair for relaxing in there. We have a place to put a tv. We have space...except in the closet.

I can't unpack anything else tonight. My body has said stop. It communicated "STOP" quite clearly when I was moving the cedar chest and my knee (which aches when I get over 180 pounds and I suspect the boxes I have been carrying put my gross tonnage over that limit) suddenly decided to quit working...except for the nerves. Those were working quite well.

But it is over for a long time, until we have something else that forces us to move. I wonder how much it costs to have movers come?


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Aug. 18th, 2003 05:55 pm (UTC)
alathia told me that they were paying about $250 to have movers move their 14 pieces of large furniture. (No boxes or anything, just the big heavy stuff.)

Your new apartment sounds nice!
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