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Sunday bits.

The cats seem to be spending a lot of time in the closets. Not together, of course...Sam likes the closet in my bedroom, while Bud prefers the one under the stairs. And Sam is the one getting stuck, because she's not big enough to bump the door back open, while Bud manages quite nicely.

After reading about the Canadian Immigration Minister, all I could say to my Canadian friend was, "You're lucky. Up there, every scandal doesn't get '-gate' stuck on the end of it." Does anyone know how we can purge that bit of stupidity?

We're getting another shelf unit from Ikea this morning. Yay! And when the holiday decorations went back to storage yesterday, two of the boxes of softcovers that have been there forever came back. What fun, digging through the boxes to see what forgotten treasures lay inside! We packed them back in 2000 when we thought we were going to Japan, and then put them in storage. We plan to sort through all of the boxes eventually, and with luck, when we've replaced all of the shelves in the library, we'll have room for most of them.

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