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Free Bookses

Thinned out the shelves a bit (hey, it works for plant propagation, why not books?) and here's what's on the go-away pile. Let me know if you want one (or more) of them (alphasunrise @ livejournal.com) and I'll send 'em to ya. (Dropping a comment would help, too.) They're all hardcover, by the way.

George Lucas & Chris Clairemont: Shadow Moon - a novel about what happened after Elora Dannon grew up. 1995.

Heloise Cruse: Heloise's Work and Money Savers - 1967, Prentice-Hall. No dj. It came in a box of other books I wanted on ebay.

Orson Scott Card: Seventh Son - 1987
Orson Scott Card: Alvin Journeyman - 1995. x-library edition.

Jude Devereaux: Sweet Liar - 1992
Jude Devereaux: Temptation - 2000
Jude Devereaux: The Duchess - 1991

Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos: Fire Ice - 2002

Sue Grafton: N is for Noose - 1998. Torn dj on the spine.
Sue Grafton: J is for Judgement - 1993
Sue Grafton: I is for Innocent - 1992
Sue Grafton: L is for Lawless - 1995
Sue Grafton: K is for Killer - 1994
Sue Grafton: M is for Malice - 1996

David Feintuch: Patriarch's Hope - 1999

Patrick Sheane Duncan: Courage Under Fire - 1996

Rosalind Laker: The Venetian Mask - 1993

Stephan Grundy: Rhinegold - 1994

Laurel K Hamilton: A Caress of Twilight - 2002

Kurt Vonnegut: Fates Worse Than Death - 1991
Kurt Vonnegut: Hocus Pocus - 1990

Lawrence Thornton: Ghost Woman - 1992

Ernie Pyle: Brave Men - 1945 printing. no dj. Cover has been battered, stained, but not squooshy.

Free, but I sure wouldn't complain if you wanted to send postage once you get 'em.

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