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'Tis the new year

No resolutions. Some things will happen though.

-Less of me in the britches. For many reasons, chiefly among them the fact that I might need to stay an extra year in the Navy and I can't do that if I'm failing the standards. And for health reasons, as my knees are going to be tortured enough on the ship and they could use a bit less of me to carry around.

-Those pesky training qualifications at work. I could do without them, but, like I told one of the fellows on the last ship--"If they're giving it away, then why not make sure they give it to me, too?" And one never knows. I might need to get a job when I get out, and if it's for the military, then the quals just might be necessary. Crane, IN, is always there as an option, I suppose.

-Transfer, of course. It's already marked on the new calendar. Here's hoping it doesn't make me crazy.

-Less time mucking about on BBs and such. The closure of the KT makes that much easier, although I am damned certain that I wouldn't still be a host even if it were. "Known by the company I keep" and all that, although it was only a few bad apples that did indeed spoil the whole bushel. But the paint-job and air fresheners masked most of it for the majority of the members. Maybe more on that later, maybe not.

And on to what I'd like:

-More writing.

-Less debt.

-And a lot of things that are hard to describe, but can be summed up as "Do better."


Time for a new year.

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