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As the hubby flipped through the channels, I heard a snippet from one of the guests on a news show...no idea who or which. The gist of the comment had to do with the areas where the 9/11 events happened and which candidate won that area in the Presidential race. I've seen/heard it several times since the election, and every time, the point seems to be, "See? The places that were actually attacked voted for Kerry."

We are, I guess, supposed to draw the conclusion that people who didn't suffer from the terrorist attacks obviously have no clue, and those who were affected have some greater understanding.

Perhaps I might have come to that conclusion, except for one thing: New York City and Washington D.C. wouldn't elect a Republican for president even if he were the only candidate on the ballot.

Interesting to me are the colored maps overlaid with the urban areas. There's your difference, and I think it quite obviously demonstrates that the President (and Congress) must look at the country as a whole, rather than focusing on just what the urban folks want or just what the rural folks want. Cities have the manufacturing, true, but it's the rural folks who feed them. Gotta have both, and gotta balance the needs of them all.

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