Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

My old ship is just that, now...my old ship. Not my ship. Sure, I get that same feeling when I walk down the pier and look up at her, but inside, she feels just like any other ship I've assessed or trained. Kind of a relief, really. Like meeting an old lover who is now just an old friend.

Bud has once again taken up residence under the Christmas tree. I suppose it triggers some genetic memory that he belongs in a forest. Thankfully, he doesn't climb, and his interest in the ornaments is minimal. Samantha ignores it, save that the beanbag is no longer in that corner and she can't nap in it.

Girlchild is rather put out that she's being forced to clean her room again today. I'm having her do it one task at a time, with "something fun" in between, but that room will get cleaned today. Yesterday, she wrapped (with my assistance) the present she'd chosen for her papa. My girl is growing up!

Speaking of the girl...KSWB gave us twenty five of the cards with her artwork on them. I was so tickled to flip them over and see her name and school on the back! Sent some home to Mom already. Squee!

Santa Ana winds are blowing. Those are the hot desert winds that, in part, have inspired one of the WIPs currently tagged as "Serai." Maybe I'll get back to that one this weekend.... Fortunately, everything is green and growing and well-watered, so fire danger is low. And also fortunately, when we have Santa Anas, the hubby's and the girlchild's allergies fade out. Conversely, mine kick in. Argh.

I like living here. Last Monday, I gave the apartment manager a list of a half-dozen things that needed fixing: two outlets, two dripping faucets, a corroding dishwasher rack, and a bathtub caulking problem along the tub surround. Less than twenty-four hours later, the first four were fixed and the other two were done thirty-six hours later. With repair service like that, why would I move? Oh, and the same owner has had this place for a long, long time. Since the beginning. So I need not fear the landscaping. Yay! And even better news...the housing allowance for this location has jumped up by a whole bunch! But I'm still not going to buy an overpriced house here. I'm willing to live in a cheaper place so that I can pay off some things with the extra.

Okay...I know this isn't really timely, but what's the big fuss over the President wearing that jacket when he visited Pendelton? It's not like other presidents haven't worn a military jacket with the presidential patch, name, and title. I've seen pictures of all of the presidents all the way back to President Carter, all wearing military jackets--although most of the others wore the leather ones. Why the fuss over this one? It was distasteful when President Clinton did, but he was, like it or not, the Commander in Chief. So is this president. I just don't understand the fuss.

The house is quiet. I can hear the light buzz of the gas furnace in the cabinet behind me. (Although we haven't acutally used it yet this year.) I hear the fan on the computer, and the noise of my fingers on the keys. Samantha sneezes. I hear faint sounds of traffic on the street. Here comes a helicopter, passing to the south, it sounds like. Now a car racing up the street. A bird chirps, and the helicopter comes closer, then moves away again. And the noises all fade, until all that is left is the computer and the furnace.

A quiet Saturday morning.

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