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Cooking wierdness

Yeah, so I don't cook that often.

But tonight, I thawed out some turkey breast fillets, and figured I'd try a bit of stir-fry. Had the turkey all cut up when I noticed a lack of fresh veggies. The broccoli was limp, and so was the not-so-fresh spinach, so out it went. The ubiquitous baby carrots, so often falling from the refridgerator shelf, proved to be in very limited quantities. In short, we had celery. And Mama dislikes celery.

So I popped some frozen edamame in the micronuker to thaw, since they hold up pretty well, and diced up half an asian pear.

Time to cook. A bit of onion into the olive oil, followed by ground ginger and garlic powder. (Ah, the shame. Fresh ginger and garlic would have been much better.) Turkey chunks next, at which time I realize that I need a bigger skillet. But it's too late.

Water goes on to boil for the ramen, and the turkey is starting to cook up. Don't want it dry, though, so half of the liquid from a can of mandarin oranges goes in. Turkey cooks up and gets lifted out of the skillet.

In go the celery, carrot bits, and edamame. Sizzle, sizzle! Then out come the veggies, and in goes soy sauce into the liquid that remains, followed by a dollop of...peanut butter! (I had hoped that we still had sesame oil. No joy.) In go a couple of squirts of honey, and it all gets smooshed around until the peanut butter is melted. I wish I hadn't tossed the rest of the mandarin syrup now, because it looks thick, but in goes the turkey, the veggies, and now the asian pear and mandarin segments. Stir, stir...still too thick, so a splash or two more of soy sauce.

Splash! goes the ramen into the pan.

I call the girl to dinner and dump the stir-fry into a bowl. "Something smells wierd," she says, and I spear a chunk of turkey for her approval. It'll do.

Ramen comes out, on the side, and turkey-veggie-fruit-peanut sauce join the pile of noodles on the plate. Sauce drizzles over the noodles on request, and it's done.

And the celery doesn't taste that bad, all soaked in peanut-honey-soy sauce.


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(no subject) - mswagner - Dec. 4th, 2004 04:17 pm (UTC) - Expand
Dec. 5th, 2004 09:15 pm (UTC)
That's such a neat thought...Thanks!

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