Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

A day like any other.

Yep. Today was a day like any other.

Except that it was chilly in the apartment this morning. I wanted to stay tucked under the blankets, and heard most of the Norah Jones track that the alarm clock is set to play. Twice. Didn't even want to stick my arm out to turn it off.

That makes the place sound very cold, even though it really wasn't that bad. I remember winter in Maine. Brr! Problem is, my body remembers Guam. Go figure, the Navy ruined me right off the bat for cool weather.

The thermometer on the thermostat said that downstairs was 66 degrees Farenheit, so that means it was probably 64-ish upstairs. Maybe we should consider turning on the heat tonight?

So I drag off to work, kicking the heater up to max in the truck (Singalong time: "Oh, it's 40 below and I don't give a ****, got a heater in the truck, and I'm off to the rodeo!"), and making my way down the freeway to the base. As usual, traffic is backed up on the end of the 15 to the 5 overpass. That's not as far as it sounds, but when it's backed up that far, it's a half-hour to get through to the main gate because of the stoplights and the trolley crossing. So I take the exit for Main Street, and go in one of the other gates. Parking's still okay at 0700, but in another twenty minutes, it'll be hard to find an ATG spot. In I go, only to come back out to the truck to get change from the ashtray. None of the dratted soda machines accept dollar bills; I suspect drifting cigarette ash has killed them, since they're in the smoking area outside.

Soda in hand, it's time to get down to the work of the day. Except that there really isn't any. Thursday, I'll maybe pull together the paperwork that I'll take to the cruiser next week, but odds are, I'll let ET1 gather it up. I'll probably let him do everything paperwork related and just help if he needs it. I just hope the cruiser is ready for us. The more objectives they meet next week, the less we'll have to ride them.

That kinda sucks, though. I miss my old job, where, when a ship had the basics down, we challenged them with more. And then more. Here, there's not enough time to give anyone more than they need to hop over the first hurdles. Sigh.

So, after making sure that today isn't my lucky day to pee in the bottle, I log into the latest incarnation of Navy Knowledge Online, and do an e-Learning lesson or two. And discover that the one course I really wanted to do won't work on the stinking NMCI computer, because I have to download some software. Which I can't do, since I don't have admin priveleges; I wasn't in the mood to call up NMCI and work through it today. So I surf the net a bit, and then go wander. Chat up the Team Lead for next week, and find out that the usual schedule is not going to happen next week. Underway Tuesday instead of boating out on Wednesday. Crap. That interferes with hubby's classes, since someone has to stay with the kid.

But we'll work around that.

Back to the desk, chat with some coworkers, and a bit more surfing. Master Training Specialist training was today, but I decided not to drive to the other building for it. Of course, about a half hour later, around comes the senior chief, asking if anyone needed the lesson. And I pointed out that I didn't want to drive over there without knowing if it was a lesson I needed or not...and from the expression on his face, it looks like someone above is going to decide to make attendance mandatory.

But I don't play that game for what should be a self-motivated, optional qualification.

So instead, I pull out the MTS stuff and putz around until I figure out a course subject for the project I have to do. Here's where I digress for a moment. The Navy uses two formats for developing training, named for their pub series: 130, which is task-based training using Gronlund-type objectives, and 131, which is performance-based using Maeger style objectives. We hates 130, we does. We loves 131, precious. So the 131 projects are all complete, and the 130 weren't even started until this morning.

I pulled up a subject, finally, and started with the mind-numbing Training Project Plan. I figure I'll finish that tomorrow, then crank out the objectives and the rest of the documents this week. Lesson plans and tests and trainee materials are easy, compared with deciding what subject to use.

Oh, and did I mention? Homer J (We'll just call him that. And it's not sneaky, behind-the-back, 'cause I've told him that he strongly resembles Homer J Simpson) has whatever flu-like crud that's been going around, and pinkeye to boot. We kept him exiled to his desk, far away from the rest of us.

So, one by one, everyone trickles out. I go home, and give that Amphib lesson a go, and it works here after I disable the popup blocker. There's a lot of material, though, so I am going to have to deal with NMCI.

I have a short nap on the couch, and hubby picks up the girl from school. He's still sick, but he's got a mind for a bit of ham for dinner and he wants to pick it up on his way to the school.

The ham was yummy yummy yummy.

Now my toes are cold, and I contemplate turning on the heat. But the utilities bill came today, and that makes me want to be a cheapskate.

Sigh. Why do I feel so tired all of the time, when I don't do anything?

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