Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

And the rest of the day....

I finally made the time to go get my hair cut short again. Boy, was that longer stuff hiding the grey at my temples. The back of my head is still brown, like it has always been, but the front is now being overtaken by the grey. And now I find myself asking the old, old question...should I finally give in and dye it?

As I walked through the mall doing a bit of browsing and a little musing on the merits of hair dye, a lady asked me if I had time for a market survey. Well, I had time, and $3 for answering a few questions didn't seem bad, but she seemed quite taken aback when I didn't fit into the 18-34 market group. So now, I wonder if the grey is as much as I thought. I'm 37, by the way, for those who don't know. Heck, I barely remember. The only time I absolutely know how old I am is when it's time to change physical readiness test age groupings, and that isn't happening again until I'm forty.

Gene made a lovely pork roast, and I'm rather pleased that I thought of steaming the kale over the boiling potatoes. ;o) Saving a bit of gas is always a good thing.

Oh! And I drooled over a calendar at the mall--it was a "Chronicles of Riddick" calendar with lovely pictures of Vin Diesel and Karl Urban. If it hadn't had so many of the female characters, I might have bought it. Might still. It'd look great in my locker on the ship. ;o) Diesel is my age. Yay! But Urban is two years younger than my brother. But so what? I felt like an old pervert looking at the Orlando Bloom calendar.

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