Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

The soda substitute.

It's been hard, cutting out the coca-cola. Through the workday I manage to survive with Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng. (Not because of the ginseng, but because it tastes all right. And it doesn't have aspartaime. And it does have caffiene.)

The weekends suck, though, since I drank the last of the Arizona stuff here on Friday. Had three sodas on Saturday. (Bear in mind that three is still much less than what I used to drink.) So I pulled out the iced tea pot and mixed up something that works. We've got splenda, but splenda alone doesn't cut it. This time, I put about a tablespoon of honey in the bottom of the pot along with the splenda, so when the hot tea hit it, it melted. And since I was using Stash Tea's Chai Spice and their English Breakfast (two bags of each) it came out yummy.


In other news, the back yard is slowly drying out, but there's this lovely fuzz of new grass coming up from the bare dirt.

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