Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


I'm pretty pleased that the Writer's Challenge is going so well over at the KT. (The dratted Writer's Discussion Forum still doesn't show if you're not logged in, dang it!) It's been running for less than ten days, and there are seven stories posted so far. Yay! I'm also stunned that none of the "Meet and Greet" challenges (Challenge B - write about an initial meeting) are Hatching stories. I would have thought at least one...but it's all good. That's the most popular category, so far.

Challenge A, the write a scene from a different POV character challenge, comes in at #2 in popularity.

Challenge C seems a bit forlorn, but maybe some will turn up later. C is the one where a character makes a slip of the tongue and then consequences follow.

Maybe we'll do this again come January.
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