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On voting and work

So I almost didn't get to vote this year.

I'm supposed to be able to send in one absentee request that covers the whole year, but apparently that's not how my County Clerk does things...I suspect it's because they are more used to dealing with the Guard folks who were absentee for the Primary but are home now.

Anyhow, I hadn't seen my ballot yet, so I called...and they hadn't sent it out. Fortunately, Indiana permits me to fax directly to the clerk's office, so I fired up the laptop, plugged in the scanner, and installed the fax program from the XP disk, and off it went...after a bit of learning on my part. Yeah, I could have faxed it from work, but that place is so retentive that I'd have had to explain the long distance charges, no doubt, and they'd have asked why I didn't use the DoD number that everyone faxes to, and I'd have had to explain that I simply wanted to be able to call right after sending and confirm receipt. But that's how everything is there...things are so damned difficult when someone above the senior chiefs have to deal with things.

Gah. No wonder I can't wait to leave.

And I need to get hustling on finding an internship so I can finish my degree before May.

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