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In honor of the 5000th book produced for Project Gutenberg, the folks at Distributed Proofreaders delivered 50 books in one chunk yesterday. I started up with DP only last month, so any projects I've worked on are still being processed.

Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition, Vol II, Part I - AND-ANI

Expositions of Holy Scripture - Romans, Corinthians, by Alexander Maclaren

Slave Narratives, a Folk History of Slavery, Vol. IV, Georgia, I

Bureau of American Ethnology Publications - The Romance of Laieikawai by Haleole & Beckwith (English & Hawaiian)

TIA Children's Library - Thrilling Stories of the Ocean by Park, Marmaduke

The Principal Voyages ... of the English Nation, Vol. XII, by Richard Hakluyt (English & Latin)

General History & Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. XVIII, by Robert Kerr

Historie de la Révolution française, Vol. X, by Adolphe Thiers (French)

Filosofia fundamental, Vol. I, by Jaime Balmes (Spanish)

Vector Analysis and Quaternions by Alexander MacFarlane (Cornell Math Collection) TeX and pdf format only

The Psychology of Sex, Vol I - Evolution of Modesty, by Havelock Ellis

The Psychology of Sex, Vol II - Sexual Inversion, by Havelock Ellis

The Psychology of Sex, Vol III - Analysis of the Sexual Impulse, by Havelock Ellis

The Psychology of Sex, Vol IV - Sexual Selection in Men, by Havelock Ellis

The Psychology of Sex, Vol V - Erotic Symbolism, by Havelock Ellis

The Psychology of Sex, Vol VI - Sex in Relation to Society, by Havelock Ellis

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. III by Blair & Robertson

A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents - Harrison, Benjamin, ed. Richardson

Bell's Cathedrals - Peterborough

Little Journeys to Homes of the Great, v. 5, English Authors by Elbert Hubbard

The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII. ed. Mee & Hammerton

Jonathan Swift - Poems, Volume II

Une histoire d'Amour by Paul Mariéton (French)

Library of the World's Best Literature, Vol. VI, ed. Charles Dudley Warner

Chronicles v. 1, The Historie of England, Part 2 by Raphael Holinshed

De Kerels van Vlaanderen by Henrik Conscience (Dutch)

The Forty-Five Guardsmen by Alexandre Dumas

Memorie del Presbiterio by Emilo Praga (Italian)

La Esmeralda by Victor Hugo (French)

Correspondence, Volume I - George Sand (French)

As Farpas, Junho a Julho 1882 (Portugese)

Atlantic Monthly - Issue 71 Sept. 1863

Bay State Monthly - Vol. I, Issue 5 May, 1884

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - April 1844

Continental Monthly - Vol. I - Issue 2 Feb 1862

The New York Times Current History: The European War, v. 1 Issue 1, What Men of Letters Say

Lippincott's Magazine - February, 1873

McClure's Magazine -January 1896

Notes and Queries - Vol. I, Number 19, March 9, 1850

Punch - Vol. I, Issue 1, July 17, 1841

Scientific American Supplement - No. 821, September 26, 1891

The American Missionary - October, 1888, Vol. XLII. No. 10.

The Journal of Negro History - Vol. I, No. 1, Jan. 1916

International Weekly Miscellany, Vol. I, No. 6, August 5, 1850

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement & Instruction - Issue 360, March 14, 1829

The Tatler, Vol. I

A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear

Nonsense songs, stories, botany, and alphabets by Edward Lear

More nonsense, pictures, rhymes, botany, etc by Edward Lear

Laughable Lyrics by Edward Lear

Nonsense Books by Edward Lear, DP Compilation

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