Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

No more tree

The big ficus tree growing in the back yard had to come out, because the manager felt that it was too close to the foundation. So the kitties had to be lured and trapped together into the bathroom, so that the tree could come out today.

When I let them out, of course, the first thing they did was bolt for the freedom of the back yard. Samantha just sat there, staring at me, then jerking her chin upwards and pointedly looking where the tree *used* to be. Twice, she did this, and didn't care for my acknowledgement that yes, it was gone. When I explained yet again, she finally stood up and walked over to be scritched. What a cat, eh?

Bud is just annoyed by the puppy in the next yard. I think he secretly wishes that he weren't too fat to climb the fence and go eat the darned dog.
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