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I should stop.

I should stop posting on message boards, I think, because my real-life intolerance for idiots tends to bleed over into my online self.

And no, it's not KT that's set me going this time. 'Twas elsewhere.

I mean, really.

When one posts something, and two posts down an idiot demonstrates that she has no effing clue and, in fact, has turned it completely around backwards...what does one say? Take the draft, for example...we all know who cosponsored the legislation to restore the draft (and if 'we all' do not, then checking out THOMAS is a good place to start) and it makes no logical sense to state that she is "voting for Kerry because she doesn't want her husband to get drafted." It's not like those who choose to vote for Kerry don't have a wide smorgasboard of reasons to choose from...I understand that people have lots of different priorities, beliefs, and feelings about the candidates, and that they're just as valid as my own. But no, this chick needs to pull her opinion out of internet fiction despite the facts. And then get offended when it's pointed out how little it makes sense.

Sigh. Didn't I say I was going to avoid these?



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Sep. 20th, 2004 11:22 am (UTC)
Yeeeeah. "Research if your friend" people. I just don't get the people who believe in the draft despite the numerous reports that no one wants to up the number of people in the military.

Though personally I also don't get people who say they're going to vote for Bush "because they're Christians." ??!? Last I checked all of our major candidates were Christian, too...
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