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Rain and Fire

The sun is breaking through the clouds, and its light is streaming through my window like a great spotlight. I can feel its heat on the back of my neck. Maybe it won’t rain today.

When I took the girlchild to school yesterday for her field trip, it was raining. Curbside, rushing little streams hurried along to the storm drains, and each little stream carried its own multicolored sheen from all of the residues washed off the street. Later, the wind kicked up, followed by a short, heavy rainshower. The wind and rain undoubtedly knocked most of the evil pollen off the trees and plants…but with all the water, those opportunistic plants will make more.

I miss thunderstorms. I never thought I would. Me, the girl who had nightmares about tornados, missing thunderstorms. They feel like home.

All of this nice rain and water may come at a price in September, when the Santa Ana winds kick up from the desert. All of the lush growth now will wither away during the summer, and when the hot Santa Anas flare up, every last bit of moisture in the dead foliage gets sucked away. Someone will get really stupid and flick a burning cigarette out the window, and WHOOMPH – we’ve got a major brushfire. Or a vehicle will be parked in dry grass, or something will happen to a power line….

That’s why I don’t want to live any further out from the city than I do.

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