Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Thoughts political.

Any idea involving bringing back the draft is stupid. Thank goodness that it's only a few nutcases in Congress (and thankfully, those nutcases are currently in the minority party) who want it.

People ought to be able to enter into a legal union in any gender combination and quantity that they so chose, so long as they're all adults able to give consent. Marriage ought to become a purely religious thing.

If all of the money and effort spent fighting and advocating for abortion went into prevention, it might be less of an issue. Mark me as pro-prevention.

The less taxes, the better. Across the board. Flat taxes are nice. And throwing money at a problem usually only creates bureaucracy rather than solutions.

I look suspiciously on anyone who seeks to abridge the Second Amendment. However, I am amused when those same people who have been working to weaken the Second Amendment are now shocked when they think that the First Amendment is being attacked by the Patriot Act. Weaken part of it, weaken it all.

Testing students on standards is a good thing. Making the tests a big deal, teaching to the test, and generally stressing the kids out over them is not a good thing. By the way, schools that teach to the test should have their administration and any teachers involved replaced.

I never again want to see my country's government stand by when its citizens or its military is attacked. Knowing that those responsible for the USS Cole attack would probably never be chased down made me angry for months every time I walked past the equivalent passageway where the hole would have been had it been my ship instead of theirs.

I'd like to see the illegal immigration problem addressed with the employers. We've got computer systems that can do nearly anything...why can't they verify an employee for an employer? And why not go after those hiring the illegal immigrants?

Politically correct terms make me ill.

Meat is tasty. Hunting keeps wildlife from starving...and people, too.

If you want to preserve a wetland...buy it. However, if you dump toxic crap into a wetland, expect to clean it up yourself.

Public transit is not a good commuter option in sprawling cities with relatively low density like San Diego. It works best in vertical cities. But it is very wise to put transit stops next to stadiums, colleges, shopping malls, and baseball parks. Oh, and carpool lanes are next to useless.

Being a naval officer doesn't necessarily convey a high recommendation to me when it comes to political office...I've met too many of them.

The press is biased. CNN is biased, Fox news is biased...the closest thing to unbiased is C-Span, and that requires constant watching to glean out the useful bits. But learning to spot the bias goes a long way.

That's all for now.

Obviously, there's no political party that fits; I just have to pick what's most important to me, and one candidate clearly comes out ahead. Even if I don't like the position on the rest. And I wish it were December already, so that I could get away from all of the political crap.

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