Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

No words

No words last night. Tried to download SP2 for the laptop...I swear I turned on the connection keep-alive, but it cut out at 90 Megs. Argh! By then I was half-way through Interesting Times and it was 10 pm.

But...did some thinking on it today while I was in the dental hygenist's chair. (Yeah...I went voluntarily...mostly. Sea duty screening had to be done, and when I tried to make the appointment the hygenist said "How about now?" Since it's hard for me to walk into the building...I stayed.) Sorted out a critical WHY for the Serai project. Then on the way home, I figured out what comes next. I think I shall continue pecking it out on the laptop, away from the insidious internet.

Insidious...strong in the Dark Side the internet is.


In other news, I did manage to dress myself this morning, as opposed to yesterday when I forgot my collar insignia. d'Oh!

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