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Not a student for a while.

(Went back and tucked the acronym explanations into the text. D'oh!)

Well, with the Bio class finished and the enrollment not processed for the internship, I'm done for a bit with college. The tuition assistance doesn't renew until October, anyway, since I maxed it out in January. With the hubby's tuition, I just can't afford to pay out of pocket.

That doesn't mean that I won't study up on Environmental Science for one of the DANTES tests (Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education -- tests let me 'test out' of a course and receive credit)--provided I can make it through the text without either tossing it across the room in disgust or falling asleep.

Right now, I'd rather concentrate on wrapping up some of the things I need to do at ATG (Afloat Training Group, aka "Cubicleville") before I leave, like MTS and ATS (Afloat Training Specialist and Master Training Specialist - basically, nifty quals that I've known all of the required stuff for years but have been too lazy to finish. Was too fat to get MTS back in 1995 when I first learned it all.) and Team Lead qual (License to be a talking sock puppet for the captain in charge of ATG's combat systems department.)...I hope I have orders soon. The USS Boxer (big amphibious ship that hauls Marines and their surface and aircraft) was on this listing, and I hope I get it. I'd rather have another DDG (Guided missile destroyer, like Decatur-my-former-mistress), of course, but that doesn't appear to be in my future.


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