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Mixed bag

Last night, while browsing the Exchange for something worth eating for dinner before class (Those idiots! They changed their ready-made deli sandwich supplier! No more Brown Bag Roast Beef with cream cheese and pepperocini sandwiches!) I found a new two-disc Styx cd of remastered versions. Been happily bopping along since, singing loudly (and badly) as I roar down the freeway.

Less stressed over the next set of orders. What will be, will be, will I or won't I. Even decided to get sort of motivated and get qualified for the watches I ought to be standing at ATG. Must pick a day to stay late and get the rest signed off. Fortunately the answer to most of the questions at the qual board will be..."Call the appropriate people." And most of those people are the same.

Got a 108/120 on the Bio test. All I need is a C, so that's an acceptable score.

I need a vacation, and I am starting to realize that I need a vacation away from my family, too.

Netflix is so damned convenient, and since they have a distribution center in California, movies arrive here the day after Netflix ships them, and they get them the day after we mail them back. We're on the second set of three, now, and I think it will be well worth the $22/month...especially since I signed us up after returning two movies to Blockbuster LATE. And that's not unusual for us.

Kid's room is nearly reorganized. She's got so much stuff; her dress-up cabinet would be the envy of any kid. Just have to sort out the stuffed animals, the coloring books, and the real clothing. I'm looking on this as a good chance to clear out the clothes that don't fit any longer.

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