Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

The past week

Let's pick up with the boat ride out to the ship. Er...there was the small leak between the rigid part and the inflatable part as we left the pier, but that rose above the waterline once we started going. The bit of water was enough to get us rearranging some of the baggage, though. Glad I wrapped the computer in plastic.

Now, one expects a bit of spray, but when the seas are calm one does not expect waves over the bow. Something to do with the shroud still being down, but the RHIB just scooped water and dumped it up front.

And my bag was not waterproof. Kept the damp uniform on, because the training team brief was right after the RHIB got to the ship.

The rest of the week went quite well.

Until I got back to the truck on Friday, and it started, quit, then refused to start again. That required a tow over to the Exchange service station, where it is waiting for an electrical system trace in the next day or so...seems they have one tech and he's backlogged. Still, I'd rather wait than pay the towing fees out to our other preference for garages.

I get home, and discover...spyware. Ick. A combination of Ad-Aware, CWShredder, and SpyBot seem to have finally eradicated it. Grr. Had discussions on that. And had another discussion on why one does not download spyware killer products from popups delivered by spyware.

We went. Not too bad this year. Fireworks pretty. The impromptu private fireworks show from a few houses away from the park was pretty impressive, too. The fireworks weren't as big as the "official" ones, but they were very nice and gave the kid something to watch. I still dislike crowds, but we parked a couple of blocks back and pointed away from the park, then found a relatively open area to watch them from. Only the exit crowd was tight, but once we got to the car it was pretty clear.

And that's about it. A few online tempests in teacups, (I ought to have known better than to argue politics with someone who knows they are right (or is that left?)) but otherwise that's it.

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