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Underway bits

Just a reminder that I'll be gone until Thursday, probably more like Friday since I'll have class when I come back.


Sorted out most of the "But what about--?" questions for the husband-killer story. Talked them out with hubby tonight while we waited for our table at El Torito, and it all made sense to him.

Will probably finish it up underway.


Speaking of underway...the earlier post mentioned smells. I don't think I have the words to describe ship-smell. Oil, sweat, bodies, cooking, exhaust...it all fuses into one single, unique, unmistakeable odor. The kid loves the smell, and I imagine that's because Mama smelled like ship (say that one fast, eh?) for most of her tender years.


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Jun. 22nd, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
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Sounds like how our boat smells, with variations. The "oil" is the diesel engine in our case. It has an unique essence that pervades everything. And the bodies...well, there are only five, and most of them don't sweat much yet, but they're working on it. We usually bring in the food because although the stove works, the sink needs new hoses and we haven't gotten to that yet. The food leaves its scent nonetheless. And when motoring dead downwind, exhaust fumes in the face is the main reason for losing the imported dinner over the stern rail (for those in our number who get seasick. Not me. ;o) Overall, I -like- ship/boat smell, too. Very much. Because what overlays everything else is the smell of water and wind.
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