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How stupid was he?

Friday at work I fell in with a group of women who all had ex-husbands, and of course we all ended up discussing them. "My Ex was dumb," I say, and of course the ladies all nod in agreement. That's what you say, right?

But then I went on to explain.

See, the Ex bought a new car right after we separated. He got himself a shiny new Mustang convertable in robin's egg blue. Lovely car.

He lived in Alameda, which is right across a narrow channel from Oakland. Three (maybe two) bridges and a pair of tunnels connect Alameda to Oakland, and one of those bridges is on Park Street.

So he parks his spiffy car in front of the bar on Park Street--did I mention that spiffy car is uninsured because of a DUI?--forgets to put on the Club--oh, and the installed car alarm is broken--and goes into the bar.

Of course it wasn't there when he came back out.

Really, he was a nice fellow. Just not so bright. I even felt sorry for him when he felt the need to make sure I saw the open pack of condoms in the glove box, just so I'd know he was moving onward.

And if you think really hard, you'll probably figure out why I married him in the first place.

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