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CornCam...watching grass grow since 2000...

Going to a retirement ceremony today. OIC of the old command is retiring...but I'm going because he's a decent guy, not because I used to work for him. Had to find the skirt for my whites, since I still haven't bought the fully-lined pants.

Would really like to have a few minutes alone with whoever thought that adding another layer of fabric in my pants was a good idea.

Spent some time last night reading about Joy Bright Hancock. Amazing woman.

I imagine it won't be long until there are more state funerals. Some of the former presidents are getting pretty old. The past funerals seem to have alternated between presidents who wanted to have their funeral in D.C. and those who did not. I wonder what the others have chosen?

I do think that O'Reilly was wrong last night, though, when he said that some of the foreign leaders ought to have stayed for President Reagan's funeral.

Strange dreams this morning. Dreamed that I was stuck in a video game--one of those quest-type, where the prize appears to be surrendering yourself to be the next guardian of the place. Some prize, huh? Still, it made me think about one of the unfinished stories languishing in my writing folder. Maybe I'll let the hero survive this time.

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