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Are people really so f-ing stupid?

After yet again seeing that stupid assertion that Congress is going to pass a draft, I ran a google search just to see how deep the idiocy is spreading.

On congress.org, they ran an article with the assertion that the administration was trying to quietly pass the draft, without mentioning who is actually sponsoring the damned bills.

They have a "Letters to Elected Officals" section, so, out of curiosity, I pulled up Rangel's name, and read the following:

"They put all the good guys names on the offensive draft bill." and "Are the neo cons trying to make you look bad when your voting record shows you vote for the best interests of the American people."

I didn't know whether to be pleased that the person actually knew who sponsored the bills, or stunned at the depth of his denial. How the bloody hell does he think Rangel's name got on that bill in the first place?

And how could it be the administration trying to sneak this past when only Democrats sponsor it?

*Sigh.* I don't know why I let this get me so worked up. And if you did bother to look inside the cut...thanks.

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