Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Kid's about to grow again, judging from the amount of food she ate at dinner. Whee. Guess we have to go clothes shopping. I'm considering telling her that she's got $XX for a budget and let her get what she wants...with parental veto power, of course.


About sorted out the direction the serial-murder story is going. I think I like it. The flashbacks, dreams, and POV shifts are going to be such a challenge to get right.


It's June. In one year I go back to sea duty.

And I am looking forward to it. I expect that opinion to change somewhere around August 2005. ;o)


My friend did get to see Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday with her kids. Yay!


Very tired about seeing those articles proclaiming that Congress wants to reinstate the Draft. Very tired of replying that it's only a handful of Representatives and one Senator, all of whom have a D after their name. God help us if Kerry gets elected along with a democratic majority. We probably would have the Draft then, which is ridiculous when the Air Force and the Navy are actually cutting back.


Not being a doctor, I sure wish someone would take a few moments to explain why, if a doctor induces labor so that the baby comes part way out...why is it against the mother's health to bring it the rest of the way out? I don't want to see abortions become illegal, but if the baby can survive outside the mother...why not pull it out alive? There must be a reason. I hope the reason isn't just that the woman doesn't want it alive.

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