On the home stretch here - just a few more weeks (and 9 short reading responses, one 8 page paper, and approximately 45 pages of fiction) and my last semester will be over. Yay!

Chalk on the sidewalks--the campus messaging system

It's starting to get a little difficult to avoid walking on Jesus when I go to class on campus. Now, I'm all for people expressing themselves and their faith, and the obvious corollary is that I also feel free to express myself. So, back to walking on Jesus: it seems to me that every day a large section of sidewalk is covered with an invitation to join one of the Christian groups on campus, and the chalked message almost always includes Jesus' or God's name. I couldn't miss it today. Between the UC and the LA buildings, I tromped on Jesus and dragged my wheelie bag across him. That just doesn't seem right to me.

It's not the frequency of the chalked messages; if a group wants to leave messages so often that they saturate the target audience and lose impact, that's their choice.

Maybe it's the series of cultural briefings that I heard before making port around the world that make me feel that way. Maybe I trotted happily across sidewalk messages the first time I went to college, before I ever knew how disrespectful and insulting that can be in some cultures, but I don't think so. I just have trouble seeing something that so many people consider sacred scrawled there on the ground for people to trample. I guess Jesus wouldn't mind, but I do.

And when I really started to think about it, it's not just this particular set of messages that I try to avoid. I walk around fraternity and sorority names, too. So how do I reconcile one of the best means of campus communication with my aversion to walking on names? I suppose I shall just have to pay attention and watch out for Jesus.


This weekend, I have to read the first act of Macbeth and write a three page response, critique two seven page manuscripts, write a short fiction exercise dealing with a failed epiphany, and compose a short 200 word response to a section of reading on Indo-European languages. I also need to find an article for Wednesday about an issue for writing tutors and write a 300 word summary on it.

This is the point where I start wondering yet again what I have got myself into, but I know the feeling will pass.

And I need to address some fanfiction coposts, too. Sigh.

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Once upon a time, the Navy assigned me to a brand new ship while it was still being built. There were a few of us out in San Diego, and whoever was heading up the PRECOMM detatchment set up a flight for us to see Decatur hit the water. Alas, the winds delayed it and plane schedules meant we couldn't stay, but we did get to go to the party, among other things.

We got to meet the ship's sponsor, Joan Shalikashvili, who is a really nice lady who came to visit the ship a few times. Her husband, who was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, came with her. <a=href="">He passed away this weekend,</a> and Mrs. S has my sympathy for her loss.

I will always remember how the General took the time to meet us all, and take a photo with us, and talk with us for a moment when I know there must have been a million other things (including some scandal popping up on an Army base) that he could have been doing instead. We were really nobodies--he could have spent his time with the senior folks and shipyard leaders and community leaders--but he gave us all a few minutes.

Fair winds and following seas, General. Thank you for everything.

Summer vacation! Finally!

Done with classes for a whole blissful month!

I do not think I shall take summer classes again--for one thing, very few upper division courses in my major are offered during the summer. And when they are, they are super-compacted. I'm glad I took these three, but boy am I even more glad that they are done!

And I think I need a new student-y userpic for these sorts of posts.

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It occurred to me today that those who were so eager to dismantle the Cold War military have not been so eager to disassemble the Cold War bureaucracy. Then maybe the elusive "peace dividend" might actually have existed.

Except that any savings would just have been pissed away in a different bureaucracy.

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I've been reading a little on the cheating in Atlanta on the standardized tests.

There's a whole lot of issue there, and I'd probably have to write a whole series of posts. But it's the people who knew but didn't want to lose their jobs that have my interest today. (And there's another whole post in there about the rock-and-a-hard-place choice they had.) It feels like crap to comply, especially when everyone between you and the boss is going along. Collapse )
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It occurs to me today that perhaps Facebook exists because of the suppressed lemming inside all of us. What else could explain all of the postings formerly exiled to chain letters and silly segments of message boards?

Sometime back in the Fall...

Sometime last fall, I thought it a good idea to register for classes during the summer term. I reasoned that a shortened period might be a good time to slog through some pesky required courses, like the physical education requirement (I chose weight lifting. Nice and low-impact on the parts that do not like impact). One of the "choose from the following" courses for my major was also being offered, so I signed up for that, too.

Last term's literature courses reminded me that I do not prefer literary analysis, although I appear to do a decent job of it. This summer term is perhaps showing me that I do not prefer rhetoric, either. At least not as manifested in this first book we should finish up tomorrow. This one hopes that rhetoric will get more comprehensible with prolonged exposure.

Good thing I like creative writing, lol.